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I regularly record and publish sleep coaching resources here on my blog, and on my YouTube Channel to help and support you to start learning about overcoming insomnia and other sleep problems.

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Beatrix A Schmidt

Sleep Coach, Professional Speaker, creator of the Sleep Skills for Life Programme and the Author of The Sleep Deep Method®

Sleeping well consistently every night is less about your science ‘knowledge’ and more about developing practical sleep skills

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There is no such thing as 'quick', 'easy' and 'effortless' but...

Of course, you can also learn those practical ways that you can overcome your sleep problems and insomnia too.

Since 2014, I have published many articles and videos to help you get to know your sleep better and overcome sleep problems and even insomnia. Some of the videos are recorded at previous talks or simply answering a question from my audience on a particular topic.

On this page, you will find the most recently published freely available resources.

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Receiving feedback in life shouldn't ruin your sleep at night

Being open to feedback, relevant advice, and learning about how we can be better at what we do is something that also relates to sleeping well at night.

But the important thing is not to turn this...

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How many hours of deep sleep should I have? - Antonia asks

The myth of 'deep sleep'?!

Probably one of the top 3 most commonly asked questions for the past few years.

Since the countless articles published in newspapers, magazines, and other publications...

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Regular Sleep, Healthy Future - World Sleep Day 19th March 2021

It's my 4th year being a delegate of the World Sleep Day hosted by World Sleep Society.

"World Sleep Day 2021 will incorporate the slogan, ‘Regular Sleep, Healthy Future,’ highlighting...

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What do you like the most about your bedroom?

What do you like the most about your bedroom?

Your absolute favorite thing, an item or maybe a color, or it can even be a smell?

Our bedroom plays a big role in how safe, secure, calm, and rested...

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Some days you have a really sh.. day
Some days you have a really sh.. day.
Some days it's hard to keep moving forward.
Some days you just can't find a positive perspective.
Some days it's okay to just be...
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Do women and men sleep differently?

Do men and women approach sleep differently?

The full video on this topic is one of my most viewed videos on my YouTube Channel - recorded back in February 2020.

This is quite a fascinating topic,...

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