Why does a good night almost guaranteed to be followed by a bad one | Sleep Coach Q&A

Why does a good night almost guaranteed to be followed by a bad one | Sleep Coach Q&A

There are many different sleep mindsets that I come across in my sleep coaching practice. And today we’ll talk about one that very frequently comes up in my practice: bad good sleep cycle. 

Please note, this video is only part of the ongoing conversation I had with this particular member of the Sleep Skills for Life Programme.

I often get asked about what to do when a good night’s sleep is followed by a bad night's sleep or how to recover from a bad night's sleep. Bad sleep at night is always a very fascinating part of my discussions. Everyone’s definitely of a ‘bad’ night is different but in this case, I look at a particular client’s Sleep Diary.

This ‘bad good’ sleep cycle is often a very big part of the insomnia sleep cycle and the dynamics of sleep problems. 

Addressing the mindset is one part of learning how to break bad sleep cycle. The change in your sleep mindset that I discussed in today’s video is a really important one. Without changing the mindset for sleep, often it’s not really possible to overcome insomnia and other sleep problems.

I know that in today’s video, we only started to address one of these mindsets that I see in my practice, there are many more that regularly come up in my conversations with clients. 

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Sleep problems and insomnia doesn’t have to rule your life. Unless you have a medical disorder that stops you from sleeping well, it’s completely possible to finally sleep well consistently again.

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