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In the United Kingdom alone approximately 20 million people struggle with insomnia and other sleep problems, not even mentioning worldwide figures!

Yet solving most non-medical sleep related problems can be so simple...

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My name is Beatrix A Schmidt. I'm a sleep coach, professional speaker and author of The Sleep Deep Method®.

Having struggled with insomnia in my mid twenties, I know how it feels not to be able to get to sleep at night, wake up in the middle of the night (in my case because of nose bleeds and overthinking) and unable to get back to sleep and then once wake up in the morning feeling tired, and all of that before having to face a busy day.

I spent the last 10 years studying and researching sleep, initially because I wanted help with overcoming my insomnia, then I found the topic really fascinating and wanted to find out how we can optimise our sleep.

Every day, so many people like you struggle with insomnia or even just getting great quality sleep, yet providing you don't have a medical disorder or condition, it is perfectly possible for you to develop the skill of sleeping well at night.

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One to One Sleep Coaching

I work differently with each and every client because I completely believe that we're all unique and therefore need fully tailor made sleep coaching to work with who you are and the lifestyle you are currently living.

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Online Courses and Events

If you like to learn in your own time and would like to learn more to be able to improve your sleep, the various online courses are a great way to get started: from The 10 Day Sleep Challenge all the way to Masterclasses.

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Corporate Workshops

According to various recent research and survey results, in the UK alone approximately 1 in 3 people struggle with insomnia or other sleep issues affecting their daytime productivity and engagement in the workplace.

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The 10 Day Sleep Challenge


I know that overcoming insomnia or other sleep problems takes time and the first step is to figure out the real root of your sleep problems which is why I've put together The 10 Day Sleep Challenge.

This Sleep Challenge consists of easy to follow video lectures or modules with simple action steps to address the most common sleep related issues that I come across when working with CEOs, Senior Executives or Entrepreneurs.

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The Sleep Deep Method®

How would your life change if you slept well every single night?

My path today, working with people to help them overcome their sleep  problems was inspired by my own struggles with having to fit it all into my 24 hours each day. I’m very familiar with the pressure that so many of us feel today.

Back in 2014, I decided to publish The Sleep Deep Method® which is based on seven areas of our lives, as quality sleep is best achieved from a holistic, rounded perspective.

When we look at healthy sleep from a holistic, big picture perspective, we have to look at these seven areas of our life and how our 24 hours within each day caters for healthy sleep at night.

If you have ever tried a ‘secret’ of great sleep and found that it didn’t work for you, then you may already have the sense that there is more to sleeping than resting your head on a lavender scented pillow.

Finding the root of your insomnia or sleep problems will help you to find personalised, practical and effective tools and techniques in place to ensure great sleep every night.

(Currently The Sleep Deep Method® is only available in eBook format. To find out how to purchase your copy, click on the link below.)

The Sleep Deep Method® by Beatrix A Schmidt
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Beatrix is a great coach.

I started working with her because of my sleeping problems. I couldn't sleep well and having a small baby surely wasn't making things easier.

After just few months of working together my sleep quality has increased from what it felt like 0 to an honest 8. I wake up in the morning feeling energized and ready, while before I had to literally drag myself out of bed!

Moreover Beatrix not only has helped me, but helped me teaching my daughter how to sleep better. And in the process we followed, we worked on and improved so many areas of my life that did affect my sleep even though I never thought so.

Beatrix is professional, reliable, knowledgeable, and so kind. She was fully present and supported me every step of the way.

I absolutely suggest working with her!

Alessandra - UX Designer and IT Engineer as seen on


I initially went to Beatrix for insomnia, while I was hesitant not knowing if anything would work, by the second session I had gone from a few hours to get to sleep to about 15 minutes with some simple changes to my lifestyle.

Over the course we went though a set of exercises and assessments that helped me to understand myself and the things in my life that were causing me issues. with a good toolbox of things to do I am now much more proactive and use my time better.

My sleep has improved so much that I now get a good night's sleep every night and it is all thanks to the lessons Beatrix has taught me.

George - AEM Solutions Architect as seen on


I worked with Beatrix for several months and my sleep changed from just having one good day of sleep a week (probably from exhaustion) to being able to get good sleep most days of the week.

I am over the moon to have been able to get my sleep on track!

Equally important, Beatrix has helped me to develop tools to deal with my anxiety and I have gained great self-awareness which will help me with whatever challenges I face with my sleep (or life!) again.

Beatrix was very patient, encouraging and non judgmental. This made working with her very comfortable. I also felt that she really cared about me and she adapted her sessions according to my progress. Her service was very bespoke.

I fully recommend her services not just for the sleep but as an investment on your long-term general well-being.

Elena - Director of a fashion startup


I met Beatrix in 2018 and she improved my sleeping immediately with only minor and personal adjustments to my lifestyle.

I cannot thank her enough in that my whole life is now more balanced. Our sessions have moved onto positive outcomes generally AND my sleep is now nigh on perfect.

I was previously only sleeping a few hours. Thank you Beatrix

Bob - Philanthropist and Chairman as seen on


When I started work with Beatrix, I was 51 and hadn’t averaged more than five-and-a-half hours’ sleep a night since my daughter was born. I was stressed out about it because I know poor sleep habits are correlated with ill health.

At times I was scared to drive because I was so tired, I wasn’t confident I’d react quickly enough. It wasn’t that I couldn’t get to sleep: I couldn’t stay asleep. I’d wake up multiple times between 1 and 5 in the morning, toss and turn for an hour, get bored and pick up one of my devices.

I tried melatonin (didn’t work and gave me panic attacks). I tried anti-histamines (didn’t work and linked to Alzheimer’s). I saw my doctor, who prescribed me sleeping pills (didn’t work) and then a very low dose antidepressant that can help with insomnia, but that didn’t really make a difference either. I’d been on those meds for about 2 years when I met Beatrix.

What I liked about working with Beatrix was that I could tell her anything and she didn’t judge me; she just showed how that was affecting my sleep. We had regular sessions to review my sleep diary and figure out cause and effect for my sleep patterns and to come up with practical approaches to changing my habits.

By the end of the first session, I decided not to take any more sleep meds and I’ve been off them ever since. Beatrix spaces the habit changing out over the sessions so it never feels overwhelming.

At this point, I average 7 hours of sleep. That’s what I was getting when I was in my twenties. I don’t have to drag myself through the day. I used to feel as if I was permanently jet-lagged, but the fog in my brain has lifted.

I went to Beatrix to figure out my sleep but the change has been much more profound than that. It’s been a life changer. Forever grateful.

Linda - Vice President, Professional Services Firm


Working with Beatrix this year was timely especially as I had some big life changes and decisions to make.

I was operating on 5 hours sleep or less and not aware of the damage to my body and self image.

The coaching was really great and Beatrix genuinely held my hand throughout the process. Her coaching style was just right and post programme, I now feel in control of my life and getting quality sleep. Miraculously, getting 7 hours of sleep most nights. Thank you Beatrix



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