When are you going to be enough, do enough, have enough?

questions about sleep Nov 16, 2020

What is enough?

When are you going to be enough, do enough, have enough?

So much work and effort are put into building something worthy but at the cost of cutting down on sleep for years if not decades.

Maybe this is not consciously done, it’s simply because you put yourself at the bottom of your ‘priority list’.

Where are you on your priority list for the week?

Of course, most of the time you have all that pressure to be, do and have more…pushing your boundaries so you can achieve what you wanted.

But when you don’t sleep well consistently and not able to wake up refreshed for weeks, months, or even years…you don’t feel like you are enough.

Those thoughts of doubt come into your head at night, little chunks of your self-confidence goes each day, and those hours of tiredness makes you question if the day will even be enough.

I’ve lived through this when I struggled with insomnia and I see these in my client's life too.

You might have a slightly different version of it, but tiredness and lack of sleep definitely impact your ability to bounce back physically, mentally, and emotionally from life’s challenges.

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