The Sleep Skills for Life Programme

A 4-month group sleep coaching programme hosted by Beatrix A Schmidt

Designed to support you in overcoming sleep problems and insomnia through developing practical sleep skills that will help you for many years to come


Enrolment for the Sleep Skills for Life Programme is currently open.

Our next live Group Sleep Coaching Session is scheduled for Wednesday, 7th December 2022 at 7 pm GMT time









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You can absolutely overcome your sleep problems and insomnia!

Of course, you want to sleep consistently well but you've tried and tested so many things without long-lasting results.

You want to be able to fall asleep easily in the evening but you're just not sure how to make it happen night after night. You want to be able to sleep through the night without tossing and turning in bed helpless and frustrated in the middle of the night. You want to wake up rested, refreshed and energised in the mornings so you can really enjoy your life and achieve all those things you set out to do!

Every night you to go bed with the hope that you'll be able to sleep well, crossing your fingers that tonight will be a better night. But day after day you've given up a little bit more, questioning that you'll ever be able to sleep consistently well again.

No matter what you've tried and tested in the past, spending hours researching and reading about the latest tips, results don't seem to follow. 


You just can't make good sleep happen!?


I know how it feels, I used to struggle with insomnia and sleep problems just like many of my previous clients. I used to toss and turn in bed for hours, frequently waking up with nose bleeds in the night. Once I was up in the night, my mind would become overactive making it hard or even impossible to fall back to sleep again. And of course, getting up in the morning was a real problem too because I used to feel consistently tired or even exhausted.

According to various global research and analysis, 1 in every 3 adults struggle to get a sufficient amount of sleep, and experience sleep problems or insomnia on a consistent basis.

(RAND Europe's report - Why sleep matters - the economic costs of insufficient sleep)

I've also seen this through working with clients and delivering workshops and talks for the last 7 years.

I've met and spoken to so many people like you who struggle with similar problems that I struggled with when my insomnia was it's worse.

This is why I've created this 4-month long group sleep coaching programme and packed it with all the knowledge, practical tools and techniques that I've learnt over the years researching and studying sleep.

What previous members say about the programme:

The Sleep Skills For Life Programme has really changed my sleep for the better and above all, it has helped me change my mindset about it.

The course is really practical and contains lots of exercises to explore and question your current routines and mindsets around sleep to figure out what is helpful and what can be changed.

More often than not these changes turned out to be small adjustments rather than big changes, and with additional support from Beatrix, the course has helped me to stay focused and consistent and see the results of it.

Most importantly the programme stayed true to its name as after completing it I feel confident and equipped with the right tools to get back on track whenever my sleep might change again in the future.


Sleep Skills for Life Programme Member

I joined the group sleep coaching programme a broken human and felt like I was on the brink of a break after 12 months of insomnia and after trying multiple failed methods to cure it.

Insomnia was literally ruining my life, cost me a lot of money and was gradually robbing me of my sanity.

This course made me feel like I was not alone and I felt like Beatrix truly understood the desperation someone who struggles with sleep feels. Beatrix has a natural warmth and empathetic nature.

The course content is simple yet effective and gives you an in-depth understanding of the several factors that impact sleep. I learnt how my own actions were fuelling my insomnia. This course arms you with practical skills for getting your sleep back to a regular pattern.

I’ll always be eternally grateful. Thank you Beatrix.


Sleep Skills for Life Programme Member

I used to be a great sleeper, then going through stress at work, further compounded by menopause, then grief and finally personal stress, I lost the ability to sleep through the night. It became a frequent occurrence to sleep for 3 to 5 hours.

It didn't help that my mum used to sleep badly – so I would frequently be told "oh it's just how you are", which I didn't believe but still couldn't get longer than 5 hours!

Then I met Beatrix. What for me was most interesting is that much of what Beatrix teaches is common sense, or things we already know – but have forgotten. But she also has some real gems. Regardless of your sleeping issue there is a technique or suggestion to help.

Having now completed the Sleep Skills for Life Programme I am now achieving 5-8 hours sleep on a regular basis. It is interesting to note the difference it makes. It's huge!

Even my 5 hours I feel refreshed as I'm now definitely getting consistently more hours in a week. It is important to persevere with the programme – it is not an overnight fix, and even now I've finished there are still nights that aren't great, but

I can now relax in to them and know its not forever, so even then I'm less tired.


Sleep Skills for Life Programme Member

After a difficult bereavement which affected my sleep seriously for the first time in my life (I don't think the pandemic helped either!), I was not in a happy place when I began this group sleep coaching programme.

I wasn't sure which way to turn and I was very anxious.

But I have found Beatrix's kind, compassionate approach to sleep issues has helped me re frame my sleep 'journey', relax and guess what, my sleep has improved so much as a result, and continues to.

Listen to Beatrix, she knows the answers!


Sleep Skills for Life Programme Member

Before I began the Sleep Skills for Life Programme with Beatrix my sleep pattern was all over the place. I would stay up very late at night watching tv and then try to get up very early the next morning.

Beatrix helped me to realise that I was putting too much pressure on myself-wanting to be more disciplined in getting up early in the morning, After working with Beatrix I understood the reasons why I was staying up late watching tv.

I learned some very helpful things on how to prepare going to bed, thank you Beatrix.


Sleep Skills for Life Programme Member

I found the group sleep coaching programme very interesting and it not only helped me make huge improvements to my sleep but has helped me understand what a vital role adequate sleep has on my overall wellbeing.

I've learned a lot about myself too and how my personality affects my sleep. I now take time for myself and make sure I put sleep first.

Thank you Beatrix for such a great program.


Sleep Skills for Life Programme Member

What's inside of the Sleep Skills for Life Programme?

This programme is a structured and practical sleep course that will take you through a 7-step process that I've been using in my practice for many years. These steps are designed to support you with improving your sleep and even finally overcome your insomnia or other sleep problems.

During this programme, we will set realistic sleep goals and review them at the beginning of each month. You'll then have work to do or exercises to practice which are all designed to get you closer to your sleep goals. As your sleep coach, I'll be here to help and support you to put the practical tools and techniques in place and celebrate with you once you see your sleep change in the coming weeks.

Each month, we will get together for two group coaching sessions where I'll answer all your questions to help and support you. Then you'll track your progress using The Sleep Deep Method® Sleep Diary, and I'll give you personal feedback and practical recommendations that will help you achieve your sleep goal. You will also have access to ask me your own questions in between the group sessions, so you don’t have to wait until the next live session.

As a World Sleep Day Ambassador, sleep coach, and the author of The Sleep Deep Method®, I’m excited to take on an even bigger role in helping tired and sleep-deprived professionals like you to finally learn to sleep well at night!

So let me tell you about what I will be teaching you during the next few months.

Disclaimer: please don't join, if you're not ready to prioritise your sleep or commit to the process and put your sleep at the top of your priority list. Once you start the Programme, there are strictly no refunds.

Sleep Skills for Life Membership

No matter which part of your sleep you struggle with, you'll be able to start with the area of sleep you want to improve the most (eg. switching off, sleeping through the night, waking up energized etc), and you will get access to tools and techniques that I've learned over the years to ensure great quality sleep consistently.

- Access to 2 Group Sleep Coaching Sessions hosted by me, your Sleep Coach, via Zoom lasting up to 90 minutes each month. These will be recorded for you to watch if you're not available to join us live

- Submit your questions in a private community for me to answer each month in between sessions (in our own platform, not on social media)

- Access to the full Programme Video Library for you to watch for the length of your time in the Programme (over 7 hours of practical sleep coaching content). These videos are designed to take you through a step by step, practical plan to overcome your sleep problems

- Downloadable worksheets, supporting documents, and access to pre-recorded Sleep Diary review videos

- We'll set sleep goals each month so you can continue improving one step at a time and achieve them

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The curriculum for the Sleep Skills for Life Programme:

The Sleep Skills for Life Programme is designed to take you through a 7-step practical curriculum

Your entire 24 hours play a role in your ability to be able to sleep well or struggle with insomnia and other sleep problems. This is one of the most important things I've learnt through overcoming my insomnia and then studying and researching sleep for the past 12 years.

In order for us to sleep well consistently at night, we need to look much deeper than just how many hours we spend in bed on the number of hours we might sleep. Throughout this Programme, I will take you through the practical tools and techniques that have consistently delivered results for my one to one clients to develop those sleep skills. Once you develop those practical sleep skills, they will continue helping you to sleep well for many years to come even through challenging times in your life.

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Step one: Sleep Assessment 

The first step with any of my work within this world of sleep, sleep problems and insomnia is the sleep assessment part. This is the foundational part of the Programme to help us figure out the real root cause of your sleep problems and understand what is helping or hindering your ability to be able to sleep well consistently. We'll then use this information to build a practical plan to overcome your sleep problems throughout this Programme.

Step two: Personality Traits

Over the years I've worked with many different clients from various backgrounds. What I found was that personality traits influence your ability to sleep well consistently in many ways. We'll explore all 16 personality traits that can either hinder or help your ability to overcome your sleep problems and insomnia. But this is not about changing who you are, it's about 'taming' those personality traits that cause your sleep or other problems so you can develop those sleep skills for life that really work for you.

Step three: Sleep Basics

This part of the Programme is all about untangling any of the misconceptions you might have picked up about sleep, sleep problems and insomnia. Unfortunately, there is a lot of general advice, suggestions of hacks and secrets out there which often leads to more confusion and worsening sleep problems. I have seen how detrimental and unhelpful these can be when you're doing your best to improve your sleep. So in this part of the Programme, we'll focus on how some of the important things you need to know about sleep can help you develop those practical sleep skills.

Step four: Falling Asleep

Trouble falling asleep easily is one of the most common sleep problems that I come across in my practice. Tossing and turning in bed once you switched the lights off is such a frustrating experience! I still remember the time when I struggled with this part of my sleep, that feeling of tiredness but somehow I was just not able to fall asleep often for hours. In this part of the Programme, we'll focus on the practical tools and techniques to help your body and your mind to transition into sleep naturally within a short period of time without struggling.

Step five: Staying asleep

Disturbed sleep at night is the second most common sleep problem that I come across on a daily basis. This sleep problem is very close to my heart, as I used to wake up in the middle of the night with nosebleeds when my insomnia was the worse. Other nights I would wake up several times and not know what to do to fall asleep easily again. During this part of the Programme, we first look at why you might be waking up initially, then we'll look at how you can decrease the number of nighttime wakings you have and help you to sleep through the night more easily and more consistently.

Step six: Waking up

Often people expect their body to be able to wake up naturally and easily. But the reality is that this is a very practical transition between the night to the day. If your body and your mind are not waking up naturally in the morning, you'll more likely to feel tired and groggy throughout your entire day. There are a number of things that you can do in a practical way to help your body wake up more naturally, rather than just 'scaring' yourself out of bed with an alarm. During this part of the Programme, we'll really look at those practical things you can do to wake up naturally both physically and mentally helping you to really feel refreshed and recharged.

Step seven: Energy levels

The final step within the Programme is all about your ability to maintain your energy level during the day even if you're not yet sleeping really well at night. When it comes to sleep problems and insomnia, it's really important to look at how you can truly nourish and support your body and your mind during the day through better physical, emotional and mental energy. The tools and techniques shared in this part of the Programme will continue to support you as your body goes through changes throughout your lifetime no matter what challenges you might face.

Upcoming live group sleep coaching calls:

Each month we'll get together for 2 group sleep coaching sessions hosted by me to answer any questions you have and support you with achieving your sleep goals. Here are the dates for the coming months:

  • Wednesday, 7th December 2022 - 7 pm GMT

  • Tuesday, 20th December 2022 - 7 pm GMT

  • Thursday, 5th January 2023 - 7 pm GMT

  • Wednesday, 18th January 2023 - 7 pm GMT

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Testimonials from my other previous clients

Before I began working with Beatrix, I was in a very low place. I had been suffering with 'Long Covid', and had chronic sinus problems that affected my breathing. I dreaded going to bed, I was up 3 or 4 times every night and I was averaging around 4 to 5 hours of very disturbed sleep per night.

Even before this illness, I hadn't been a great sleeper, sleeping no more than 6 hours per night. When I began work with Beatrix, I immediately felt better, she has a calm and assuring presence that helped put me at ease. However I had so many reservations.

I doubted whether I would actually be able to change, I doubted whether things could really get better, as Beatrix had assured me that they would. But each doubt that I had turned out to be unfounded, and at each stage of the process, change did happen, and I grew more confident.

The key thing that changed was my perception of self. I had myself pegged as a 'light sleeper', whereas today, I think of myself as someone who can sleep well, no matter what is happening externally.

I was surprised by the depth to Beatrix's work, and I particularly enjoyed and benefited from our work exploring personality types. I learned that it is the beliefs I hold about myself (in particular a belief that, no matter what I do, it won't be good enough), that contribute to a general lack of satisfaction with life, and which then impact sleep negatively. In understanding how these beliefs are impacting my life, I have learned to recognise them when they come up and address them there and then.

All of this has meant that, not only do I sleep better at night, I am much more calm and centred throughout my days. I can't thank Beatrix enough for the joy and wellbeing she has brought to my life. Not only am I sleeping better, my husband is too, having taken on some of the learnings also.

This truly is a life changing process, and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Maurice Carlin - Director of Islington Mill


So this is my Story of what I've been through over many years of dealing with insomnia, it started over 25 years ago when I was working late nights, I had never been a good sleeper, but this made it worse.

When insomnia came into my life I used alcohol to help me sleep, and then when Nytol came on to the market I used this to help aid sleep, which it did for a good few years. The effects of Nytol slowly stopped working and it was taking longer to get to sleep, so I decided to get extra help. This process was getting CBT sessions, which did work very well for twelve months, but that wore off and I resorted back to Nytol. I then tried the NHS Sleepio sleep guide, which did nothing and then tried hypnotherapy which did nothing as well. I then went back to CBT which did not work at all this time.

Then four years ago, I suffered the loss of my farter and I suffered a brain injury at the same time and my insomnia went downhill very quickly. I was lost and did not know what to do as I had tried everything, so I resorted to using medication, cannabis and alcohol, at first individually, but that wore off in the end.

So I combined all three at the same time, and guess what.......yes I was out like a light every night, which was fine, but the next day did I feel bad, so this went on for a year and a half till one day I just could not take it any more and decided that I was going to seek help.

I thought if you can find life coaches then I'm sure I can find a sleep coach, which is where I stumbled on Beatrix.

The process which she talked me through was step by step was painless and gradually through the sessions, it got down into the end that I was drinking very little to get me to sleep and it's true that I was feeling ok in the mornings with very little hangovers. But I decided to go further and I went clean, with no drink or anything to aid in sleep. This was easy and now I just go to bed and sleep it can take a while some nights maybe 30 mins or more but this process is easy and I feel comfortable in this process of going to sleep.

Was meeting Beatrix and working with her life changing for me........possibly, yes. And even 6 months after we finished our work, my sleep continues to improve.

Writing this has made me a little emotional about what I've been through to get to this stage of my new sleep. Trust me, no one had worse insomnia than me, and I mean no one.

So, if you have come this far with reading the testimonials, my advice is to go for it, as Beatrix said to me " what have you got to lose "

Paul Flaherty - Director of property investment company


After a long period of sleep challenges (17 years) where I thought I had tried everything, Harley Street professionals, hypnotherapy, sleep schools, you name it I tried it. By the way, it cost me thousands trying to find an answer to my sleep issues. Then I was recommended to reach out to Beatrix.

Having worked with Beatrix now for over 6 months, I feel compelled to share my experiences. Most importantly the impact that working with Beatrix will bring to your wellbeing and current sleep situation.

Beatrix is more of a professional life coach, she will get to understand you, be aware she will probably understand you more than you do yourself!

She will challenge your way of thinking, create a positive balance in your mindset, whilst assisting you with tools to use when and if you require them with your sleep. It is not easy, but then how easy is your situation with sleep? If like me, it consumed me for over 17 years. There is no quick fix and I still have the challenges from time to time, but I have a tool kit to use and confidence that no one else showed me.

I would have no hesitation to anyone, particularly those professionals that at times, need to reflect, capture where they are at, but actually do something that will help you get your sleep, mind and wellbeing on track.

I can honestly say I really enjoyed working with Beatrix, do not suffer any longer, you have one life, do not waste it with negative thoughts and sleep issues, do something about it.

David Clarke - Managing Director of Eurofins Chemtest Limited as seen on

Beatrix is a great coach.

I started working with her because of my sleeping problems. I couldn't sleep well and having a small baby surely wasn't making things easier.

After just few months of working together my sleep quality has increased from what it felt like 0 to an honest 8. I wake up in the morning feeling energized and ready, while before I had to literally drag myself out of bed!

Moreover Beatrix not only has helped me, but helped me teaching my daughter how to sleep better. And in the process we followed, we worked on and improved so many areas of my life that did affect my sleep even though I never thought so.

Beatrix is professional, reliable, knowledgeable, and so kind. She was fully present and supported me every step of the way.

I absolutely suggest working with her!

Alessandra - UX Designer and IT Engineer as seen on


When I started with Beatrix I was exhausted, run down, not sleeping well at all and life was generally a mess in my head without me knowing it. Most nights I was struggling to fall asleep for over an hour, would wake up 2 or 3 times a night tossing and turning and only sleeping around 3-5 hours.

I had suffered with this problem all of my life but it got worst with responsibility and stress.

Working with Beatrix has allowed me to make my own choices in a controlled manner and enabled me to put myself and family life first which is what everybody needs to do.

I am now sleeping fantastically and could not say enough about the results I have received. I fall asleep within about 20 minutes most nights and sleep about 7 good quality hours consistently.

Seriously recommend using Beatrix's services if you struggle with sleep .. or anything else for that matter! Amazing!

Martin - Director of building services company


Having tried all manner of treatments and gadgets to help with my sleep I finally managed to get to meet Beatrix Schmidt who kindly took me on as a client.

I found it hard to go to sleep, woke too frequently for too long at night, slept about 5-6 hours on average for about 10 years and was always very tired.

By the end of our work, I was able to fall asleep within 15 minutes and sleeping at least 7,5 hours consistently. I don't quite sleep through without waking but I drift off quickly when I do wake.

Well I am 54! I can now safely say I am sleeping much much better and my energy levels are high. I can handle poor sleep but coupled with very low energy every day was a drudge.

I would highly recommend Beatrix to anyone with sleep issues.

Dermot O'Grady - Managing Director as seen on


I had struggled with sleep for 5 years, still awake until 3 am most nights. In the first session, Beatrix was quickly able to establish the areas I needed to focus on.

Just putting some simple changes in place, within two weeks I managed to get additional sleep. Within 6 weeks I was sleeping every night moving from average 3 hours to 6 hours sleep every night and it has continued to improve.

After 3 months I am still sleeping 6-7 hours most nights. You definitely have to be prepared to be open and honest in order for Beatrix to really get under the skin of what is causing the sleep issues, but she has also helped me in other parts of my life, particular creating more work/life balance, giving me so much more time for myself.

I would absolutely recommend Beatrix, she's always there to talk to me, understand what was causing my sleep challenge and bring me back on track, always having tools for me to use or refocussing on the ones she had already shared.

Leah Queripel - HR Director

I met Beatrix in 2018 and she improved my sleeping immediately with only minor and personal adjustments to my lifestyle.

I cannot thank her enough in that my whole life is now more balanced. Our sessions have moved onto positive outcomes generally AND my sleep is now nigh on perfect.

I was previously only sleeping a few hours. Thank you Beatrix

Bob - Philanthropist and Chairman as seen on


When I started work with Beatrix, I was 51 and hadn’t averaged more than five-and-a-half hours’ sleep a night since my daughter was born. I was stressed out about it because I know poor sleep habits are correlated with ill health.

At times I was scared to drive because I was so tired, I wasn’t confident I’d react quickly enough. It wasn’t that I couldn’t get to sleep: I couldn’t stay asleep. I’d wake up multiple times between 1 and 5 in the morning, toss and turn for an hour, get bored and pick up one of my devices.

I tried melatonin (didn’t work and gave me panic attacks). I tried anti-histamines (didn’t work and linked to Alzheimer’s). I saw my doctor, who prescribed me sleeping pills (didn’t work) and then a very low dose antidepressant that can help with insomnia, but that didn’t really make a difference either. I’d been on those meds for about 2 years when I met Beatrix.

What I liked about working with Beatrix was that I could tell her anything and she didn’t judge me; she just showed how that was affecting my sleep. We had regular sessions to review my sleep diary and figure out cause and effect for my sleep patterns and to come up with practical approaches to changing my habits.

By the end of the first session, I decided not to take any more sleep meds and I’ve been off them ever since. Beatrix spaces the habit changing out over the sessions so it never feels overwhelming.

At this point, I average 7 hours of sleep. That’s what I was getting when I was in my twenties. I don’t have to drag myself through the day. I used to feel as if I was permanently jet-lagged, but the fog in my brain has lifted.

I went to Beatrix to figure out my sleep but the change has been much more profound than that. It’s been a life changer. Forever grateful.

Linda - Vice President, Professional Services Firm


Working with Beatrix this year was timely especially as I had some big life changes and decisions to make.

I was operating on 5 hours sleep or less and not aware of the damage to my body and self image.

The coaching was really great and Beatrix genuinely held my hand throughout the process. Her coaching style was just right and post programme, I now feel in control of my life and getting quality sleep. Miraculously, getting 7 hours of sleep most nights. Thank you Beatrix



I initially went to Beatrix for insomnia, while I was hesitant not knowing if anything would work, by the second session I had gone from a few hours to get to sleep to about 15 minutes with some simple changes to my lifestyle.

Over the course we went though a set of exercises and assessments that helped me to understand myself and the things in my life that were causing me issues. with a good toolbox of things to do I am now much more proactive and use my time better.

My sleep has improved so much that I now get a good night's sleep every night and it is all thanks to the lessons Beatrix has taught me.

George - AEM Solutions Architect as seen on


I worked with Beatrix for several months and my sleep changed from just having one good day of sleep a week (probably from exhaustion) to being able to get good sleep most days of the week.

I am over the moon to have been able to get my sleep on track!

Equally important, Beatrix has helped me to develop tools to deal with my anxiety and I have gained great self-awareness which will help me with whatever challenges I face with my sleep (or life!) again.

Beatrix was very patient, encouraging and non judgmental. This made working with her very comfortable. I also felt that she really cared about me and she adapted her sessions according to my progress. Her service was very bespoke.

I fully recommend her services not just for the sleep but as an investment on your long-term general well-being.

Elena - Director of a fashion startup


How much does the Sleep Skills for Life Programme cost?

What you'll get access to when you join us:

  • Access to 2 Group Sleep Coaching Sessions hosted by me, your Sleep Coach, via Zoom lasting up to 90 minutes each month. These will be recorded for you to watch if you're not available to join us live

  • Submit your questions in a private community for me to answer each month in between sessions (in our own platform, not on social media)

  • Access to the full Programme Video Library for you to watch for the length of your time in the Programme (over 7 hours of practical sleep coaching content). These videos are designed to take you through a step by step, practical plan to overcome your sleep problems

  • Downloadable worksheets, supporting documents, and access to pre-recorded Sleep Diary review videos

  • We'll set sleep goals each month so you can continue improving one step at a time and achieve them

These payment options are for 4 consecutive months from your enrolment date to ensure that we walk you through the different parts of sleep and how you can optimise each pillar of your sleep.

This Programme is suitable for you if you are serious about building a practical plan to overcome your sleep problems. Overcoming sleep problems and insomnia takes time and work but I'll be delighted to help and support you to get to your sleep goals. Bring an open mind and commitment to improving your sleep and let's build a plan that will work for you.

Please note, that there are no refunds once you start the Programme. If you have any questions or are unsure about whether this programme is for you, please click here to get in touch.

Choose from the two payment options below:

4 month payment plan

122.00 GBP per month

This payment plan is for 4 consecutive months from your enrolment date to ensure that we walk you through the entire 7-step process so you can optimise each pillar of your sleep.

Suitable for you, if you are serious about building a practical plan to overcome your sleep problems.

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One off payment

388.00 GBP

Save 100.00 GBP

This payment is for 4 consecutive months from your enrolment date to ensure that we walk you through the entire 7-step process so you can optimise each pillar of your sleep.

Suitable for you, if you are serious about building a practical plan to overcome your sleep problems.

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One to One Coaching

Price on Application only

I work with a limited number of one-to-one clients each month.

If you are interested in working with me, the first step is to book yourself in for a Complimentary Sleep Coaching session - Click here.

Suitable for you, if you've been struggling with long-term insomnia or sleep problems and don't like to work in a group environment.

Book your session

Enrolment for the Sleep Skills for Life Programme is open.

I'm looking forward to welcoming new members and supporting you to finally overcome their sleep problems or insomnia.

Please note, that results may vary and will depend on the amount of work you put into applying and implementing the relevant practical tools and techniques shared within the Sleep Skills for Life Programme. This Programme is not for you if you are looking for hacks or 'quick fixes' or you're not ready to work on overcoming your sleep problems.

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You'll also receive invitations to Masterclasses, access to videos answering questions from my community, and much more.