What's your sleep story?

questions about sleep Nov 19, 2020

What's your sleep story?

We all have one...

How you think about your sleep, what 'labels' you use to describe your ability to be able to sleep.

Of course, most of the time, my clients have a negative story, just like I did - sharing my sleep story in this video - but it doesn't mean that this has to remain their sleep story. When you really choose sleep, you will commit to yourself and your sleep fully.

I chose sleep well over 10 years ago, put it on the top of my priority list because I knew I needed to improve it so I can live a truly fulfilled life. And it's not a 'wishy washy', 'hopeful thinking' type of fulfilled life. It's really understanding what a truly fulfilled life means to me personally, and that included great sleep as standard.

I invite you to share your sleep story, simply use the comment box below but I know that this might be a bit more private than that so you can share it privately too.

I made some other suggestions in this video on how you can start challenging your negative sleep story and go at improving your sleep with a totally different mindset.

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