The Sleep Deep Method® Sleep Questionnaire Results - November 2021

insomnia sleep q&a Nov 16, 2021

The Sleep Deep Method® Sleep Questionnaire Results | November 2021

Earlier this year I’ve put together The Sleep Deep Method® Sleep Questionnaire to gather some sleep data and help us have a different conversation about sleep and sleep problems.

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Today, I’m really excited to publish the first installment of The Sleep Deep Method® Sleep Questionnaire Results with the information we gathered so far.

Over the years I’ve seen a number of sleep study results and another type of sleep questionnaire projects and I was always surprised by how limited the information was when it comes to lifestyle-related insomnia and sleep problems.

A sleep survey can be quite a limited number of questions only gathering a few answers that don’t give us a person’s full sleep picture. And then the sleep survey results often leave us more confused, not knowing what to focus on when it comes to learning how to overcome chronic insomnia naturally.

Throughout The Sleep Deep Method® Sleep Questionnaire, I wanted to change the way to talk about sleep and integrate a few more open questions to help us understand what skill sets that might help professionals finally overcome their long-term sleep problems or insomnia.

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