What is sleep divorce and is it what you need?

What is sleep divorce and is it what you need?

Sleep divorce is often what is recommended to couples who have trouble sleeping together. If you haven’t yet heard about sleep divorce then this video will help you understand it better and decide if it is the best solution to your long term sleep problem. 

What is sleep divorce? It’s when a couple decides to sleep in separate bedrooms to help both of them to sleep better.

Sleeping in separate bedrooms has its benefits just as much as its disadvantages depending on the couple. I’ve seen various examples when sleep divorce actually really didn’t work for either party and didn’t help to overcome sleep problems or insomnia either. If a couple sleeping in separate beds starts to cause a lack of intimacy in the relationship, it can be a very negative sleep dynamic. 

The truth about sleep divorce is that you have to take into account a couple of things that I talk about in this video. If you’re having trouble sleeping together, this video will help you break down how to approach this and make the best decision for your own situation. 

But the impact of sleeping separately can be just as much of a problem as insomnia or sleep problems in a couple dynamic. Sleeping together has many benefits to how couples build their relationship and communication skills, so sleeping apart can impact their ability to work through problems like insomnia or other sleep problems. 

My suggestions in this video are really about learning the necessary and practical sleep skills in order to be able to peacefully sleep together no matter what happens. This way sleep divorce is not the only option you have. 

And just remember, sleep problems and insomnia doesn’t have to rule your life. Unless you have a medical disorder that stops you from sleeping well, it’s completely possible to finally sleep well consistently again even when you have some problems sleeping together at the moment. 


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