Why trying sleep tips doesn't work to treat chronic insomnia

insomnia sleep q&a Nov 23, 2021

Why trying sleep tips don’t work to treat chronic insomnia

One of the first questions I ask a new client is what have they tried to overcome their sleep problems or chronic insomnia.

And just like I did when I struggled with my insomnia, people tell me a list of sleep tips that don’t work, or tell me about the gadgets of a list of products that they purchased with the hope that it will help them.

But more often than not, these general things don’t tend to work.

So in this video, I’ll go into more details about why trying sleep tips doesn’t work and how it affects your sleep confidence and create more sleep pressure that you don’t want.

Trying sleep hacks or tips or general gadgets don’t work, so I’d encourage you, please don’t try these sleep tips that you find online without understanding what the root cause of the problem is.

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