What is your most burning question about sleep?

questions about sleep Dec 07, 2020

What is your most burning question about sleep?

I remember the time when I used to wake up with nose bleeds at night because my body was so exhausted.

Standing in the bathroom panicking because often nose bleeds wouldn't stop easily, thinking 'What is wrong with me?'.

Then when I started to connect the dots and seeks professional advice, I was simply told that there was nothing wrong with me medically.

So I started asking different questions... but they were really burning questions that I almost desperately wanted to get an answer for because I was struggling so much.

Over the last just over the last 6 years, I spoken to so many professionals from all walks of life, from CEOs to students, from new mums to retired granddads, a really diverse group of people.

But one thing is always common about those conversations: there will be one question that the person is really eager to ask!

And if you've been struggling with your sleep problems or even insomnia for a while, you will have a question in mind as well.

I'd love to answer your question and help you to start improving your sleep or even overcome your sleep problems.

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