What do you like the most about your bedroom?

questions about sleep Dec 14, 2020

What do you like the most about your bedroom?

Your absolute favorite thing, an item or maybe a color, or it can even be a smell?

Our bedroom plays a big role in how safe, secure, calm, and rested feel not just as we go to bed but throughout the night.

I've had so many conversations with people over the years who didn't think too much about how their bedroom actually really suited them or helped them to sleep well at night.

I don't just mean how comfortable your bed is or maybe your pillows are.

I really do mean how well do you feel in your bedroom.

Have you ever stood at the door of your bedroom and looked at it properly?

Or you just drag yourself in, already exhausted and just expect great sleep to come to you 'naturally'?

And it's not about the fancy things, or how expensive things are but more about how your bedroom stands for sleep (and intimacy) only.

I'd love to hear about your bedroom, get in touch and let me know, or simply think about these 3 things:

1 - what is your favorite thing about your bedroom

2 - how rested, safe and relaxed you feel in your bedroom (i being the worse, 10 being the best ever)

3 - choose one thing that you will change

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