Sleep Q&A - Why I can't sleep on Sunday night?

Why I can't sleep on Sunday night | Sleep Coach Q&A

In today’s episode of the Sleep Q&A we cover a sleep question that I get asked very frequently.

If you can't sleep on Sunday night or struggle with what sometimes people refer to Sunday insomnia, then this video is for you.

Please note, if you have ongoing sleep problems or long-term insomnia, this video may not be as helpful because there will be other things that are going to be involved.

Sunday night insomnia or Sunday sleep problems are quite common. I’ve worked with a number of clients over the years who had this type of sleep problem.

So we’ll look at what I suggest and what I would ask you to refrain from to learn how to get rid of Sunday night insomnia. Learning how to sleep better on Sunday is going to be similar to my other advice but there are some dynamics that I see that are different.

I’ll talk about pressure to perform on Monday and how your sleep on Friday and Saturday might influence your Sunday sleep. But more importantly what you can do about this problem that is really easy to integrate.

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