How to fall asleep easily and more consistently

How to fall asleep easily and more consistently

One of the most common questions or areas of sleep that get asked about is falling asleep.

I know for a fact that in order for you to fall asleep easier at night, you need to learn the ‘how’, rather than just climb into bed and cross your fingers.

Most people think that to switch off easily at night they have to have a magic trick but the truth is that it’s all about how you prepare your body and your mind before you actually climb into bed.

So to answer your question about how to fall asleep easier, we have to start with the fact that switching off at night or falling asleep at night is not a ‘switch’ but it’s a process or a transition and it takes time.

In this video, I walk through the 3 steps you have to start with before you look at a practical plan to learn this particular sleep skill.

There are plenty of things shared about fall asleep techniques, but you have to pick the exercise to help you sleep that actually works for you consistently.

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