How many hours of deep sleep should I have? - Antonia asks

questions about sleep Feb 01, 2021

The myth of 'deep sleep'?!

Probably one of the top 3 most commonly asked questions for the past few years.

Since the countless articles published in newspapers, magazines, and other publications saying how important deep sleep or REM sleep is, this question is one of the main focuses of so many of my conversations with clients and during my talks or workshops too.

Of course, REM sleep is an important part of your sleep but it is not the only important part of your sleep picture.

Unfortunately, I've had clients who developed anxiety because they became overly worried about how much deep sleep they were getting.

When you're worried or anxious about sleep, you're less likely to be able to get to sleep easily or sleep through the night.

In this video, I talk about 'deep sleep' from a practical perspective which works for my clients every time.

With my clients, we don't overanalyze the 'micro' data, we look at the practicality of achieving relaxing and deep sleep which gives us the 'macro' outcome.

And the reality of this is that you absolutely know when you had great quality and quantity of sleep because you wake up refreshed consistently.

Please don't overanalyze the micro because it can be misleading.

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