Don't let perfectionism stop you from falling asleep easily - treating chronic insomnia

Don’t let perfectionism stop you from falling asleep easily - treating chronic insomnia

Perfectionism and sleep problems often go hand in hand, just like in my past experience when I wasn’t able to fall asleep easily because my personality traits hindered my ability to let go of the day truly. 

If you refer to yourself as a perfectionist and you struggle with sleep problems or chronic insomnia, then this video is for you. I’ll go into more details on how perfectionists' sleep can be impacted negatively by this personality trait, giving you some examples from my client work and personal experiences. 

We’ll also talk about why can’t perfectionists sleep well and what you can do about it.

Chronic insomnia and perfectionism are closely linked in my experience, I’ve treated many clients for their long-term sleep problems or insomnia who also had very strong perfectionist tendencies. Doing their best to control and perfect every single area of their life causing issues with being able to fall asleep easily or even waking up multiple times in the night.

But of course, you can stop perfectionism causing sleep problems by changing your mindset and retraining your mind as I explain in more detail in this video. 

Working on how to stop being a perfectionist, is not an overnight hack or trick. It’s important to look at the practicalities of how to fall asleep easily for perfectionists to tailor the treatment plan for this particular personality trait.

Perfectionism doesn’t have to stop you from falling asleep easily and sleeping restfully at night, it’s completely possible for you to treat your chronic insomnia and sleep problems and finally learn the sleep skills that will guarantee great quality sleep consistently at night.

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