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2024 Sleep Skills for Life Programme - Full 4 month access payment: 500.00 GBP

When joining this programme you will get access to practical tools and techniques that helped many of Beatrix's clients to finally overcome their insomnia and other sleep problems.

Here is what you'll get access to every month for the period of 4 consecutive months:

  • Access to 2 Group Sleep Coaching Sessions hosted by me, your Sleep Coach, via Zoom lasting up to 90 minutes each month. These will be recorded for you to watch if you're not available to join us live
  • Submit your questions in a private community for me to answer each month in between sessions (in our own platform, not on social media)
  • Access to the full Programme Video Library for you to watch for the length of your membership and additional video content to support you further
  • Downloadable worksheets, supporting documents, and access to pre-recorded Sleep Diary review videos
  • We'll set sleep goals each month so you can continue improving one step at a time and achieve them

Please note, that results may vary depending on the amount of work you put into this Programme.

There are strictly no refunds once log in to access the Programme Platform. If you have any questions or are unsure about whether this programme is for you, please click here to get in touch.

The Sleep Skills for Life Programme is not suitable for you if you're looking for quick fixes or hacks for your sleep problems. Whilst overcoming insomnia and other sleep problems is not 'rocket' science, it does require you to put the effort in.