How can you finally overcome your sleep problems without quick fixes that don't work or having to buy useless gadgets? 

Welcome to Sleep Skills For Life Membership

Facilitated and hosted by Beatrix A Schmidt the author of The Sleep Deep Method®

Enrolment is closed for March 2021

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What's the Sleep Skills For Life Membership about?

I remember the time when I struggled with insomnia and would regularly wake up in the middle of the night with nose bleeds (yes, that's how exhausted my body was), and thinking 'I wish there was a way that I can finally sleep well again'...

So many of my clients, just like you have these type of questions, looking for solutions but nothing seems to work for them.

This is where the last 10 years of my personal research comes into the picture. What I learnt is that developing what I call 'sleep skills' is completely possible, no matter how long you've struggled with sleep problems.

(The only exception is if you have a sleep disorder - but we'll talk about those too).

So the difference with this membership, comparied to other things you might have seen online is that we'll focus on the practical tools, techniques to help you develop those sleep skills. None of the quick fixes, potions and lotions, or even expensive gadgets!


What's inside of this Sleep Skills for Life Membership?

This Membership is a structured sleep course that will take you through all the necessary steps to improve your sleep and even finally overcome your insomnia or other sleep problems.

Please note, this is a practical Membership where we set sleep goals at the beginning of each month and I'll help and support you to put the practical tools and techniques in place to help you to get to those results.

Disclaimer: please don't join, if you're not ready to prioritise your sleep or commit to the process and put your sleep to the top of the priority list.

Each month, we will get together for two group coaching calls where I'll share with you new material and practical tools. Each month you'll track your progress, and I'll give you practical recommendations that will help you achieve your sleep goal.

As a World Sleep Day Ambassador, sleep coach, and the author of The Sleep Deep Method®, I’m excited to take on an even bigger role in helping tired and sleep deprived professionals like you to finally learn to sleep well at night!

So let me tell you about what I will be teaching you during the next few months.

Sleep Skills For Life Membership

Each month we'll focus on a different part of sleep (eg. switching off, waking up energized etc), and you will get access to tools and techniques that I've learned over the years to ensure great quality sleep consistently.

- 2 Group Sleep Coaching Sessions via Zoom, these will be recorded for you to watch if you miss any of them

- You'll be able to submit your questions in a supportive community for me to answer each month in between sessions (off social media)

- Each month you will get access to a new live, interactive and recorded Masterclass

- Downloadable workbooks, supporting documents, and access to pre-recorded videos to help you further

- We'll set sleep goals each month so you can continue improving sleep one step at a time and actually achieve them too 

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Here is the curriculum for the next months:

March 2021:

How to switch off effectively in the evening consistently

Not being able to switch off in the evening is one of the most common sleep problems I see in my practice. We'll look at how you can design a practical and personalized routine to help you get to sleep no matter what happened during the day. Of course, part of everything that I do is based on keeping a Sleep Diary, so we'll start there, so you can see your sleep change in the coming weeks. You'll also set a practical sleep goal that you will work towards, otherwise, how would you know that this programme works?!

Here is the schedule for the next month:

  • Wednesday, 3rd March at 7 pm GMT is going to be the next Group Coaching Call lasting no longer than 90 minutes.
  • Wednesday, 10th March at 7 pm GMT we are going to gather again for a special Masterclass to address any raised emotions that might be linked to you not being able to fall asleep. We will cover anxiousness, frustrations, feelings of stress.
  • Wednesday, 17th March at 7 pm GMT we'll have our second Group Coaching Call again lasting no longer than 90 minutes.

April 2021:

How to sleep through the night without disturbances

This is the second most common sleep problem that I see in my practice, and it's often combined with other sleep challenges. So we'll look at what you can do when you wake in the night but of course, we'll personalise the tools and the techniques for you. Even if you don't struggle with this part of your sleep, you will still benefit from continuing to learn about those sleep skills.

May 2021: 

How to wake up both mentally and physically in the morning

If you struggle with either switching off or sleeping through the night, of course, you'll also want to find out how you can wake up more energised in the morning. This is another very important part of developing sleep skills for life. But only after you've improved your other elements of sleep first.

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Testimonials from my previous clients

After a long period of sleep challenges (17 years) where I thought I had tried everything, Harley Street professionals, hypnotherapy, sleep schools, you name it I tried it. By the way, it cost me thousands trying to find an answer to my sleep issues. Then I was recommended to reach out to Beatrix.

Having worked with Beatrix now for over 6 months, I feel compelled to share my experiences. Most importantly the impact that working with Beatrix will bring to your wellbeing and current sleep situation.

Beatrix is more of a professional life coach, she will get to understand you, be aware she will probably understand you more than you do yourself!

She will challenge your way of thinking, create a positive balance in your mindset, whilst assisting you with tools to use when and if you require them with your sleep. It is not easy, but then how easy is your situation with sleep? If like me, it consumed me for over 17 years. There is no quick fix and I still have the challenges from time to time, but I have a tool kit to use and confidence that no one else showed me.

I would have no hesitation to anyone, particularly those professionals that at times, need to reflect, capture where they are at, but actually do something that will help you get your sleep, mind and wellbeing on track.

I can honestly say I really enjoyed working with Beatrix, do not suffer any longer, you have one life, do not waste it with negative thoughts and sleep issues, do something about it.

David Clarke - Managing Director of Eurofins Chemtest Limited as seen on

Beatrix is a great coach.

I started working with her because of my sleeping problems. I couldn't sleep well and having a small baby surely wasn't making things easier.

After just few months of working together my sleep quality has increased from what it felt like 0 to an honest 8. I wake up in the morning feeling energized and ready, while before I had to literally drag myself out of bed!

Moreover Beatrix not only has helped me, but helped me teaching my daughter how to sleep better. And in the process we followed, we worked on and improved so many areas of my life that did affect my sleep even though I never thought so.

Beatrix is professional, reliable, knowledgeable, and so kind. She was fully present and supported me every step of the way.

I absolutely suggest working with her!

Alessandra - UX Designer and IT Engineer as seen on


I initially went to Beatrix for insomnia, while I was hesitant not knowing if anything would work, by the second session I had gone from a few hours to get to sleep to about 15 minutes with some simple changes to my lifestyle.

Over the course we went though a set of exercises and assessments that helped me to understand myself and the things in my life that were causing me issues. with a good toolbox of things to do I am now much more proactive and use my time better.

My sleep has improved so much that I now get a good night's sleep every night and it is all thanks to the lessons Beatrix has taught me.

George - AEM Solutions Architect as seen on


I worked with Beatrix for several months and my sleep changed from just having one good day of sleep a week (probably from exhaustion) to being able to get good sleep most days of the week.

I am over the moon to have been able to get my sleep on track!

Equally important, Beatrix has helped me to develop tools to deal with my anxiety and I have gained great self-awareness which will help me with whatever challenges I face with my sleep (or life!) again.

Beatrix was very patient, encouraging and non judgmental. This made working with her very comfortable. I also felt that she really cared about me and she adapted her sessions according to my progress. Her service was very bespoke.

I fully recommend her services not just for the sleep but as an investment on your long-term general well-being.

Elena - Director of a fashion startup


I had struggled with sleep for 5 years, still awake until 3 am most nights. In the first session, Beatrix was quickly able to establish the areas I needed to focus on.

Just putting some simple changes in place, within two weeks I managed to get additional sleep. Within 6 weeks I was sleeping every night moving from average 3 hours to 6 hours sleep every night and it has continued to improve.

After 3 months I am still sleeping 6-7 hours most nights. You definitely have to be prepared to be open and honest in order for Beatrix to really get under the skin of what is causing the sleep issues, but she has also helped me in other parts of my life, particular creating more work/life balance, giving me so much more time for myself.

I would absolutely recommend Beatrix, she's always there to talk to me, understand what was causing my sleep challenge and bring me back on track, always having tools for me to use or refocussing on the ones she had already shared.

Leah Queripel - HR Director

I met Beatrix in 2018 and she improved my sleeping immediately with only minor and personal adjustments to my lifestyle.

I cannot thank her enough in that my whole life is now more balanced. Our sessions have moved onto positive outcomes generally AND my sleep is now nigh on perfect.

I was previously only sleeping a few hours. Thank you Beatrix

Bob - Philanthropist and Chairman as seen on


When I started work with Beatrix, I was 51 and hadn’t averaged more than five-and-a-half hours’ sleep a night since my daughter was born. I was stressed out about it because I know poor sleep habits are correlated with ill health.

At times I was scared to drive because I was so tired, I wasn’t confident I’d react quickly enough. It wasn’t that I couldn’t get to sleep: I couldn’t stay asleep. I’d wake up multiple times between 1 and 5 in the morning, toss and turn for an hour, get bored and pick up one of my devices.

I tried melatonin (didn’t work and gave me panic attacks). I tried anti-histamines (didn’t work and linked to Alzheimer’s). I saw my doctor, who prescribed me sleeping pills (didn’t work) and then a very low dose antidepressant that can help with insomnia, but that didn’t really make a difference either. I’d been on those meds for about 2 years when I met Beatrix.

What I liked about working with Beatrix was that I could tell her anything and she didn’t judge me; she just showed how that was affecting my sleep. We had regular sessions to review my sleep diary and figure out cause and effect for my sleep patterns and to come up with practical approaches to changing my habits.

By the end of the first session, I decided not to take any more sleep meds and I’ve been off them ever since. Beatrix spaces the habit changing out over the sessions so it never feels overwhelming.

At this point, I average 7 hours of sleep. That’s what I was getting when I was in my twenties. I don’t have to drag myself through the day. I used to feel as if I was permanently jet-lagged, but the fog in my brain has lifted.

I went to Beatrix to figure out my sleep but the change has been much more profound than that. It’s been a life changer. Forever grateful.

Linda - Vice President, Professional Services Firm


Working with Beatrix this year was timely especially as I had some big life changes and decisions to make.

I was operating on 5 hours sleep or less and not aware of the damage to my body and self image.

The coaching was really great and Beatrix genuinely held my hand throughout the process. Her coaching style was just right and post programme, I now feel in control of my life and getting quality sleep. Miraculously, getting 7 hours of sleep most nights. Thank you Beatrix



How much does the Sleep Skills For Life Membership costs?

Monthly recurring payment - you can cancel any time.

97.00 GBP

  • 2 Group Sleep Coaching Sessions via Zoom, these will be recorded for you to watch if you miss any of them
  • You'll be able to submit your questions in a supportive community for me to answer each month in between sessions (off social media)
  • Each month you will get access to a new live, interactive and recorded Masterclass
  • Downloadable workbooks, supporting documents, and access to pre-recorded videos to help you further
  • We'll set sleep goals each month so you can continue improving sleep one step at a time and actually achieve them too 

Enrolment is closed for March 2021

If you are interested in joining us when the next enrolment is open, get in touch here and join the waiting list.