Masterclass - Maximise your sleep and self care: for mothers

Motherhood brings a huge change of pace to the lives of all women, at any time. If you are a professional working from home, currently on maternity leave, or an Entrepreneur building a business while raising a young family, the short lessons in this Masterclass are for you.

During this video masterclass we will go through how you can maximise your sleep and self care no matter how young your children are

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What's inside of this Masterclass?

This pre recorded Masterclass consists of easy to follow video lectures or modules in collaboration with Stacy Moore, throughout this course we talk about the practicalities of motherhood when it comes to your sleep throughout your child's or children's life

While the number of hours sleep you get will depend upon the needs of your child, you can increase the quality of the sleep you get within that timeframe. This can be the greatest tool under your belt for increased productivity and focus – even during the stressful period we are all in right now.

As a sleep coach, professional speaker and the author of The Sleep Deep Method®, I’m really looking forward to helping you to sleep better and support you as a mother with these practical lessons, tools and techniques.


Masterclass - Maximise your sleep and self care: for mothers - £ 29.00

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Here is a list of what you will learn

Masterclass course content 1 - Managing sleep problems in times of stress and worry
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